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config.guess i18n problem

From: Damien Genet
Subject: config.guess i18n problem
Date: 11 Feb 2002 14:44:14 +0100


GNUstep/System/Makefiles/config.guess doesn't work in an international
environment, specially the line 884 :
        ld_supported_emulations=`cd /; ld --help 2>&1 \
                         | sed -ne '/supported emulations:/!d
                                    s/[         ][      ]*/ /g
                                    s/.*supported emulations: *//
                                    s/ .*//
to detect the ld version

with my LC="fr_FR@euro", when i do ld --help, i've got :
ld: émulations supportées: elf_i386 i386linux
so, it doesn't work,

i juggest adding LC_ALL="C", in the top of config.guess to correct this,
and also to other files that may depend on programs output, so
everything should work fine (or at least it works fine now for me ;)


ps: please also reply to my personnal email, because i haven't
subscribed to the ML


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