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bug in NSBundleAdditions.m

From: Stephen Brandon
Subject: bug in NSBundleAdditions.m
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:59:02 +0000


noticed this bug when trying to convert some older apps from OpenStep/MacOSX 
to GNUstep. I converted the nibs with nib2gmodel.

For some reason, SOME apps (at least one for me) reach:

+ (BOOL) loadNibFile:(NSString *)fileName externalNameTable: (NSDictionary 
*)context withZone: (NSZone *)zone

... with a fileName suffix of ".nib", even though I dod not specify that 
anywhere in the GNUmakefile. I suspect it may be because there is an actual 
nib file in English.lproj with the same stem.

ok, so that's not a huge problem, or would not be if there was not a bug in 
NSBundleAdditions.m. After checking for "nib" suffix and converting to 
"gmodel", the filename was still being treated as a gmodel since the suffix 
was cached.

Here's the diff:

diff -r1.27 NSBundleAdditions.m
<   if ([[fileName pathExtension] isEqual: @"nib"])
>   if ([ext isEqualToString: @"nib"])
>         ext = @"gmodel";

Stephen Brandon

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