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fix non-integral sized rects in xgps

From: Willem Rein Oudshoorn
Subject: fix non-integral sized rects in xgps
Date: 18 Feb 2002 23:53:28 +0100
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This should be the correct fix for the crashes that occured
with resized images.

The code that determines the region to draw in
-[XGGState _compositeGState:fromRect:toPoint:op:fraction]
is rewritten.   This incidentally fixes a bug when drawing
an image in a window which is partially outside the screen.

This patch contains three parts:

* Patch to NSImage.m
* Patch to xgps
* new file in xgps

-------[ ChangeLog entry for gui ]-------------------------
2002-02-18  Willem Rein Oudshoorn  <woudshoo@xs4all.nl>

        * gui/Source/NSImage.m ([NSImage -initWithSize:]): removed the
        round size down temporary fix.
        ([NSImage -setSize:]): removed the round size down temporary fix.

-------[ ChangeLog entry for xgps ]------------------------
2002-02-18  Willem Rein Oudshoorn  <woudshoo@xs4all.nl>

        * xgps/Source/XGGeometry.m: new file

        * xgps/Source/XGGState.m ([XGGState
        rewritten rectangle clipping.
        ([XGGState visibleRectForWindow:]): method removed (functionality 
        by functions in XGGeometry.[hm]

        * xgps/Source/GNUmakefile (libgnustep-xgps_OBJC_FILES): added new .m 

        * xgps/Headers/gnustep/xgps/XGGeometry.h: added prototypes and
        XGContextWindow.h include directive.

        * xgps/Headers/gnustep/xgps/XGContextWindow.h (GET_XDRAWABLE): new macro

Attachment: nsi-diff.gz
Description: Patch for NSImage.m

Attachment: xgps-diff.gz
Description: Patch for xgps

Attachment: XGGeometry.m.gz
Description: new file: xgps/Source/XGGeometry.m

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