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Ink.app, was Bug in Save Panel?

From: Jonathan Hepburn
Subject: Ink.app, was Bug in Save Panel?
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 08:55:34 +1000

Fred wrote;

No problem with admitting that accessory views are not
working (not only for
the open panel), but what is this part about Ink.app not
being able to load any
file? It is working for me with .txt and .rtf files. Could
you please explain
in more detail, what is not working in the open panel for
Ink.app. I will be
glade to fix it.

Cheers Fred

In my personal experience, that's it. The way Ink.app is configured, via GNUStep methods, means that .txt and .rtf files are the only files displayed in the selector panel. This rules out .sh, .csh etc, .lyx, .tex, files with no extension etc. I personally did once define several more extensions into the .plist, but I confess too great a fondness for all things vi to worry about maintaining it (and searching for icons, for the benefit of GWorkspace.app).

This is, to my mind, a major impediment to a text editor, but hardly a colossal problem. CodeEditor.app seems set to take over the .c, .m etc. programming tasks, but including other formats would increase the usability of the app.

As an extension to this, is this a place for the community to contribute extension definitions for the .plist? Say the word and I will send Fred a batch of format definitions, sans icons, if you think it would be useful.

Cheers all,


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