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Bug for NSBIG5StringEncoding ?

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Bug for NSBIG5StringEncoding ?
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 18:14:09 -0500

  I'm not sure it is a bug because I haven't successfully find the reason.
  When I set GNUSTEP_STRING_ENCODING = "NSBIG5StringEncoding",
  all the program complain it can't get a dictionary from .GNUstepDefaults,
Locale.aliases, etc.
  As long as the lengh of files decrease under than about 45 lines,
  the complain disappear.
  You can try to set GNUSTEP_STRING_ENCODING = "NSBIG5StringEncoding"
  and test any application (I test Ink.app and Gomoku.app).
  Hope you can reproduce this problem.
  If I don't set GNUSTEP_STRING_ENCODING, it just works fine.
  And it didn't happen for yesterday's CVS.
  I guess it try to convert the file (.GNUstepDefaults, Locale.aliases, etc)
into Unicode,
  and space is not enough. Only half of the file is read into NSString.
  Just guess.

  PS. BIG5 use the same encoding number for the first 127 ASCII character.
         Therefore, use NSBIG5StringEncoding in English environment
shouldn't cause any problem.



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