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Re: FW: Traditional Chinese partially supported

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: FW: Traditional Chinese partially supported
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 21:17:07 -0700
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Yen-Ju Chen wrote:

> Hi,
>   Maybe you are interested to look at these patches.
>   These are the last pieces which are needed for display Traditional Chinese
> correctly.
>   In NSStringDrawing, I just use the new GSFromUnicode to convert the
> string.
>   The XftFontInfo is merged from Fred's previous work.
>   It use UTF8 function to deal with multibyte encoding string.
>   These patches are for general multibyte encoding string,
>   and it should not break the original function.

I put these patches in.  The only problem I found was that for 0 lenght
strings (for instance, when you just press return in a TextView), you
get garbage printed on the screen. That's because GSFromUnicode
correctly returns without doing anything for a 0 length string, but
doesn't set a '\0' for the return string (I don't know if it should or
not).  I just changed the code so it doesn't do a DPSshow when the
string length is 0.

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