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Re: patch for text scaling and rotation

From: S. V. Ramanan
Subject: Re: patch for text scaling and rotation
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:45:14 -0500
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> You are passing in "scale" here, but in DPSshow this is not actually setup
> from the matrix until after these calls. I am assuming that I need to
> move the scale = [ctm sizeInMatrixSpace: NSMakeSize(1, 1)]; line from
> the end of the method to the start so that it is called at the same place
> as I call angle = [ctm rotationAngle]; right ?

Yes, that's right, the call to get scale from the sizeInMatrixSpace: method needs to be moved up front.

> I am using PSrotate(90) to get text running up the screen, and it runs
> down the screen
> instead, do your libraries expect a positive rotation to be clockwise

That's perplexing, PSrotate(90) gets me text that moves up the screen. This is on a x86 processor.

A question: the xvertext routines first render the text horizontally, then scale it, and finally rotate (this sclaed text). I am somewhat unclear as to whether this is how it should be done - especially as PSscale() and PSrotate() do not commute. Thanks for any wisdom.


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