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From: Sir Raorn
Subject: ...info
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 17:58:43 +0300
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I don't know is it bug or not, but it looks strange...



Why install .info files into DOC_INSTALL_DIR, if we have
Documentation/info (GNUSTEP_DOCUMENTATION_INFO variable)?
Or, why we have GNUSTEP_DOCUMENTATION_INFO, if we installing
.info's into DOC_INSTALL_DIR?

Also, info -f .../just_created.info fails to open with "can't find 'Top'
node" message...

And one word about frameworks:


internal-framework-install_:: $(FRAMEWORK_INSTALL_DIR) \
and so on...

It ignores INSTALL_ROOT_DIR, and this absolute links confuses rpm when i
try to build something (GNUMail.app for example), because this links
points into buildroot...

Regards, Sir Raorn.
AIF5-RIPN, Binec System Administrator.

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