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Whether you want to buy or sell, BlueCom Danmark A/S is worth closer acq

From: news
Subject: Whether you want to buy or sell, BlueCom Danmark A/S is worth closer acquaintance
Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 06:47:06 -0400

We are on the look-out for new partners such as you and your company

Whether you want to buy or sell, BlueCom Danmark A/S is worth closer acquaintance

BlueCom Danmark A/S is a worldwide IT-distributor of PC-systems and add-ons. Since it's foundation in 1992 the company has enjoyed constant growth, and is always on the look out for new partners to cooperate with.

We have found you and your company through our Internet research, and hope to establish a fruitful cooperation with you in the future. However, we apologies if you are not the correct person to contact within your company, and kindly request that you forward this message to that person. Further, if this letter is of no interest to you and your company, please press the "unsubscribe" button in this mail.

The easiest way to start cooperating with BlueCom Danmark A/S is through our user-friendly website. If any of the features detailed below are of interest to your company, please click on the link and our cooperation has already begun.

Would you like the best prices on the market, plus 24-hour delivery and an incredible 30 days credit?
Then maybe you would like to become our partner or customer.
We are able to offer the absolute best prices on the market because of our large-scale procurement of a small number of specific products. Our range includes products from IBM, Compaq and HP Options such as Notebooks, PCs and Monitors. We also offer PC parts such as RAM, CPUs, VGA cards, Motherboards, Wireless products, original Mobile Phones and accessories, Hard disks, DVD, CD-RW, TFT screens, from the following top companies: ASUS, ECS, ABIT, CREATIVE, INTEL, AMD, U.S. ROBOTICS, LG, PLEXTOR, BELKIN, BENQ, SAMSUNG, IBM SOFTWARE and many more.

Besides delivering at the very best prices, we offer Real-Time updated prices through our Customer Lounge, 24-hour delivery all over Europe and 30 days credit.
Please click here: Customers Lounge

Are you a future supplier to BlueCom Danmark A/S?
BlueCom Danmark A/S keeps it suppliers updated on products in demand, the specific volumes on request, and of course the target prices. If you would like to see which products and target prices we are interested in right now,
please click here: Suppliers Lounge


Would you like to win market share from you competitors?
Are you interested in FREE information about developments in IT Hardware throughout the world? Would you like real-time quotes and quality charts on global currency foreign exchange rates. Real-Time Aktie provides quotations on all IT products based on the world's largest exchanges, and a Real-Time updated Currency Converter, that gives you the absolute best exchange rates on the market.
Hurry up and click on this link … now.
Click here: Link to us

Would you like to receive IT News?
BlueCom Danmark A/S offers IT News for free. We produce a newsletter with articles covering the changes in our industry, new products, tariff rates and general trends in the IT-market. The newsletter also contains information about BlueCom Danmark A/S and the development of its business partners.
Please click here: IT-News

Would you like more information about BlueCom Danmark A/S?
For further information please do not hesitate to contact BlueCom Danmark A/S.
You can also visit our homepage at: www.bluecom.com

Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Jens Fournais
Managing Director

BlueCom Danmark A/S


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