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NSSavePanel complains about .hidden

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: NSSavePanel complains about .hidden
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 16:16:27 +0200
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Richard latest changes to NSData caused that the NSSavePanel now complains, if it cannot find a .hidden file in a directory:

2002-10-05 13:21:29.687 Ink[1323] File NSData.m: 219. In readContentsOfFile Open (/.hidden) attempt failed - No such file or directory

The questions is of course, if we should first check in NSSavePanel, if the file is there and only then try to read it or if we should switch off this log message. I would opt for the first solution, as this would make things a lot faster, if the the file does not exist. For the NSData code it looks a bit strange the the zone determination is scattered all through function readContentsOfFile(), why not find out when the function gets called (this is done in one of the places, but not in the other).

BTW, this error message is shown eight times, when a NSSavePanel is opened, although only two columns are shown. I will inspect into this to find out if there are unneeded operations going on.


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