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Re: Panel focus problem

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: Panel focus problem
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 21:10:30 -0600
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Stefan Urbanek wrote:

Try this:

- open GNUMail and a mailbox or an email
- open print panel with Print > Print
- select 'Save' and try to save it under a filename tha already exists so the 'Replace?' alert panel pops up

The save panel will still be key window, even there is the 'Replace' alert panel in top of it. Moreover I have noticed, that before you select the alert panel and try to move the mouse aroud a bit, then sometimes (without clicking) some other windows will become key windows (maibox widow or save panel).

Fixed (belatedly). While I was doing this, I got on a roll and started fixing a whole bunch of other focus problems, including 'menu switching when starting an app from another app', and 'input focus returning to an Xterm after quiting an app'. It all seems to work nicely now. Of course it was a little complicated, so likely as not, I've broken something else...

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