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Re: NSScroller, NSBrowser and some issues

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: NSScroller, NSBrowser and some issues
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 15:54:32 +0100

> After reading more, I realized the equivalent in OpenStep is to paint 
> with a color using:

Thats a good point - I remember having a lot of trouble finding printers that
would actually take NeXT generated output in the early years.

> Sort of. It could be a lot better. It doesn't print to a printer, but it 
> does to a PS file. It should print text and graphics OK, maybe images. I 

Interesting, I am obviously doing something wrong then as I just get a PS
file full of comments. Might go take a look at that if/when I get this bundle
problem under FreeBSD sorted out. Until now I had just assumed it was an
"unimplemented" part of the system.

> want to add CUPS support eventually also... So much to do...

...but a lot already achieved also :-)


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