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Re: setNextKeyView: dangling pointers

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: setNextKeyView: dangling pointers
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 14:17:52 +0100

On Monday, October 21, 2002, at 12:59  am, Nicola Pero wrote:

The doubly linked list that keeps track of the next/previous key views
in NSView can be messed up easily, leaving behind dangling pointers
to deallocated views.
(I was using a CVS version from october 19th).

Here is a test program:

Thanks - brilliant

As you can see, the list structure is inconsistent, resulting in a message
sent to the deallocated view c.

Yes :-)

I suggest to rewrite the setNextKeyView/setPreviousKeyView methods
in a way that they never produce inconsistent lists.


Here is a patch to NSView.m
The code is a little bit tricky, it tries to assign the right
values to the right fields at the right time, so that the recursive
message sends finally terminate.

Thanks! - yes I made similar changes, with minor differences ...

2002-10-20 16:43:11.575 MyTest[17896] setNextKeyView of a to c
2002-10-20 16:43:11.590 MyTest[17896] setPreviousKeyView of c to a
2002-10-20 16:43:11.590 MyTest[17896] setNextKeyView of b to c
2002-10-20 16:43:11.591 MyTest[17896] setPreviousKeyView of c to b
2002-10-20 16:43:11.591 MyTest[17896] setNextKeyView of a to 0
2002-10-20 16:43:11.592 MyTest[17896] setPreviousKeyView of c to 0

... in particular, I wanted to prevent the code from doing this
`setPreviousKeyView of c to 0' (which is sort of an internally generated call), so that we only and exactly perform the calls to setup the key view

I know it doesn't make much of a difference in most practical cases :-)
but I thought if you subclass NSView and override setPreviousKeyView: to do something more than it does in NSView, you don't want it to be called spuriously - it's better if we call each set{Next,Previous}KeyView: method only once for each involved view, to set up the exact final next/previous
view, avoiding 'internal/bogus' calls.

Thanks for contributing - let me know if it still doesn't work! :-)

Well ... seems we both looked at this at the weekend, and the stuff I did on it
was too time consuming to finish until this morning.

I've done a complete rewrite ... so I may have broken something (hope not).

Basically, the problem I found was this -
The MacOS-X implementation is actually quite different to what the MacOS-X
documentation implies.  The GNUstep implementation was also slightly
different (but in other ways).

A relatively minor issue is that MacOS-X has no -setPreviousKeyView: method ... which means that all changes to the key-view chain are done by the -setNextKeyView:
method (except for some stuff done in -dealloc).

More importantly, the documentation talks about a key view loop ... but neither
MacOS-X nor GNUstep implement any such thing.

GNUstep implemented a simple doubly linked list terminated with nil at either
end, which *could* be made into a loop by joining the ends.

MacOS-X implemented a directed graph of one-to-many/many-to-one relationships,
which *could* be made into a loop as a special case.

Basically, what I did was try to mimic the MacOS-X behavior as closely as I could.

I'm not proud of the mechanism I chose to do this ... I'd like to rewrite it more comprehensibly if/when I have time. I chose a pair of arrays, with their zeroth elements treated specially ... because I could do that without changing the ivar layout in NSView. I think it would be better as next/previous pointers for the
links and NSHashTables for keeping track of the references.

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