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NSSplitView problems

From: Andy Ruder
Subject: NSSplitView problems
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 23:29:01 -0600
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It seems that sometime within the last 20 days NSSplitView has had a small bug 
introduced where it ignores the autoresizing masks of its subviews.


shows the view before it has been resized.  The box on the right has only a 
NSViewHeightSizable autoresizing mask while the one on the left has both 
NSViewHeightSizable and NSViewWidthSizable set.  The behavior I was hoping for 
is that the box on the right would resize only when the user explicitely 
resized it with the resize bar, but would not change when the window size 


Is this behavior correct?  I've noticed that my same code worked with an 
October 10th CVS but does not work with a October 25th or October 31st CVS.  
I've tried looking through this code, but I made little/no headway and thought 
maybe someone could figure it out.

Andy Ruder

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