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Re: NSMutableArray copy does a deep copy

From: James Knight
Subject: Re: NSMutableArray copy does a deep copy
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 16:28:05 -0500

On Tuesday, January 14, 2003, at 06:29  PM, James Knight wrote:
For some reason, NSMutableArray's copyWithZone does a deep copy of the array, calling copy on all it's elements. NSArray does not do this. This makes absolutely no sense at all: the mutability of the array itself has nothing to do with the necessity of copying its elements. If a deep copy is desired, perhaps a deepCopy method would be useful, but it's easy enough to implement in code which needs it.

The same problem occurs with NSMutableDictionary and NSCountedSet.

As a point of reference, MacOSX's implementation does a shallow copy on both classes. Thus, it would seem to me that the current implementation is both incorrect and non-sensical. Is there some reason for it being that way?

Okay, I know - bad form answering your own question, but, yes, the gnustep implementation is almost correct based on the OpenStep spec from 1994. And yes, the spec'd behavior is nonsensical. And yes, MacOSX changed the behavior.

If you wanted to make gnustep actually be correct to the OS spec, copyWithZone on an immutable NSArray should *also* do a deep copy. According to the spec, "copyWithZone" should always do a deep copy and "mutableCopyWithZone" should always do a shallow copy. Thus the optimization that "copyWithZone" on a immutable NSArray returns itself is incorrect.

http://www.gnustep.org/resources/OpenStepSpec/FoundationKit/Protocols/ NSCopying.html http://www.gnustep.org/resources/OpenStepSpec/FoundationKit/Protocols/ NSMutableCopying.html

__**HOWEVER**__, since the spec'd behavior is clearly nonsensical, I think would be a very poor idea to continue following it. The idea that the mutability of the object has anything to do with whether you want a deep or shallow copy is just silly.

I'll note that apple did in fact change this behavior on the way to MacOSX 10.0:

If you go to http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/ReleaseNotes/Foundation.html and go to section heading "Copying Collections Clarified", they have an explanation of how it used to work:

"In some sense, the immutable copy is a deep copy, and the mutable copy is a shallow copy. It was, however, a historical mistake to tie these two concepts together."

As well as what they changed:

Copying Collections

Copying semantics of the concrete subclasses of the abstract NS collection classes has been modified slightly. Now that immutable collections are again being created, a historical optimization has been restored. When copyWithZone: is sent to an immutable collection, the receiver is simply retained and returned. Also, when copyWithZone: is sent to a mutable collection, the contained objects are just retained by the new collection (shallow copying), not copied. -mutableCopyWithZone: also just retains the contained objects in the new collection, as in the abstract implementation of the method."


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