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Memory leak

From: Andy Ruder
Subject: Memory leak
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:42:42 -0600
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User-agent: Mutt/1.4i

A few days ago, a TalkSoup user noted that TalkSoup had an enormous
memory leak and that after just a few days, memory usages would be
soaring at 250+ megabytes.  Everyone using the xlib backend seemed to
be affected by this while only one using the backart backend were affected.

I made a test program, http://beregorn.homelinux.com/files/TextViewTest.tar.gz

Unzipping the test, there are two directories, TextViewTest1 and TextViewTest2.
The first one just prints a message to a NSTextView, if you run top, sort 
by memory ('M') and set the interval to about 0.2 seconds (s0.2<enter>)
you should notice that when the text is cleared and you see the drawing
the memory usage goes up, however, when the changes aren't visible, the memory
usage stays more-or-less stable.  The second test uses a subclass of NSTextView
so that it tracks the appended text and is placed in a scroll view.  The memory
usage on this one goes up approximately 1 megabyte for every 15 seconds on my

- Andrew Ruder

P.S. I am using today's CVS w/ the xlib backend.  And as I said, most of
the people using backart did not seem to be affected by the test program,
with the exception of just one person.  Everyone using the xlib backend
was affected.

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