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Re: NSPopUpButton and NSMenuView patches and questions

From: Serg Stoyan
Subject: Re: NSPopUpButton and NSMenuView patches and questions
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 09:59:59 +0200

Hello Nicola,

NP> Adam, do we have a copyright assignment from Serg ?
NP> If we don't, Serg would you please sign and submit a copyright
NP> assignment form to the FSF if you want to contribute more code ?

    I don't have copyright assignment. Where can I find this form?

NP> Adam will explain you how to do (apologizes if you already have). 
NP> It's a very small burocracy, but it makes you an official
NP> contributor :-)

    What do I have to do. Adam?

NP> > And some questions left. When last item in NSPopUpButton selected
NP> > all key equivalents disappear from items (but still works).
NP> > Selecting any other item returns them back.
NP> Interesting.  A bug. :-)

    I'll try to fix it.

NP> > Another question is: when item has key equivalent and selected
NP> > (displaying NSPopUpButton image on the right side (i don't know
NP> > how it named) after mouse button up). In OpenStep it isn't. Is it
NP> > responsibility of application or AppKit to remove key equivalent
NP> > while item stays visible?
NP> If you are talking about the small icon on the right of the popup
NP> button being drawn over the key equivalent of the currently selected
NP> item(which is not very pretty), I think it's a bug in gnustep-gui.

    Just the other way round. Key equivalent is being drawn over small
    icon on the right.

NP> In other words, yes, I think it's definitely gnustep-gui's
NP> responsibility to make sure things are displayed properly :-) and
NP> images are not drawn over key equivalents :-)  it's a bug we need to
NP> fix.

    Ok, I'll fix it.

Serg Stoyan

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