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Re: NSTextField problems

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: NSTextField problems
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:46:50 +0100

Serg Stoyan wrote:
> I'd like to add more:
> 1) Exception:
> - type into textfield something;
> - switch to another textfield (for example);
> - return back clicking on it;
> - after typing just one character:
> Uncaught exception NSRangeException, reason: -[GSLayoutManager(glyphs) 
> glyphRangeForCharacterRange:actualCharacterRange:] character range out of 
> range

I've been unable to reproduce this, but I suspect that
-glyphIndexForPoint:... and NSTextView are disagreeing about what the
return value should be. I'll have a closer look at it to see if I can
figure it out.

> 2) no insertion point visible (not implemented?). By the way text is
> visible while typing in NSTextView (Affiche, Ink) but no insertion point.

There's no insertion point at the moment. I'm working on parsing the
docs so I can figure out how to handle all cases (the existence of
public methods for this only makes it harder).

> 3) problems displaying non-latin text in NSTextView both from keyboard
> input and loading from file. It is displayed as =01>@:><?;5:B or something.

Using which backend?

- Alexander Malmberg

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