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Re: NSTextField problems

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: NSTextField problems
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 15:57:58 +0100

Enrico Sersale wrote:
> I'm not sure that this is the explication, because:
> 1) if I click in the field the text dishappears.
> 2) now, if I press leftArrow *only a time*, the first character appears at
> the right side of the field.
> This means that the text is not centered at 1500, but at
> [field frame]size.width + ([text frame]size.width / 2)

This is the auto-scrolling kicking in. I could reproduce this, and the
clip view the text view was contained in was scrolled to ~(1400 0), as

- Alexander Malmberg

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