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Re: NSPopUpButton related new patches

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: NSPopUpButton related new patches
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 03:41:29 +0000 (GMT)

> NP> > Another question is: when item has key equivalent and selected
> NP> > (displaying NSPopUpButton image on the right side (i don't know
> NP> > how it named) after mouse button up). In OpenStep it isn't. Is it
> NP> > responsibility of application or AppKit to remove key equivalent
> NP> > while item stays visible?
> NP> 
> NP> If you are talking about the small icon on the right of the popup
> NP> button being drawn over the key equivalent of the currently selected
> NP> item(which is not very pretty), I think it's a bug in gnustep-gui.
> NP> 
> NP> In other words, yes, I think it's definitely
> NP> gnustep-gui's responsibility to make sure things are displayed
> NP> properly :-) and images are not drawn over key equivalents :-)  it's
> NP> a bug we need to fix.
>     Now it's fixed (NSMenuItemCell.m.patch). It's also moves code that
>     drawing right arrow from drawKeyEquivalentWithFrame: into
>     drawImageWithFrame: so key equivalent draws only if no image (right
>     arrow in menu or any other like in NSPopUpButton).


<looking at the code>

Hmmm - there is a trick here. :-)

You can set an image for a NSMenuItem; for example -

[[[NSApplication mainMenu] itemWithTitle: @"Quit"] setImage: [NSImage 
imageNamed: @"Smiley"]];

then, in the main menu you see

(*) Quit q

where (*) is the Smiley image.

But GNUstep allows you to do more ... you can set an image for a
NSMenuItem even if it has a submenu :-)

[[[NSApplication mainMenu] itemWithTitle: @"Edit"] setImage: [NSImage 
imageNamed: @"Smiley"]];

then, in the main menu you see

(*) Edit ->

where (*) is the Smiley image.

This feature is nice ... I'm not sure if we want to loose it.

This feature is why the '->' image of menu items with submenus is drawn as
if it were a key equivalent (effectively, it graphically replaces the key
equivalent).  It can't be drawn in the actual 'drawImage:' method, as that
method is used to draw the (optional) menuItem image.

Of course we need to fix the bug.

Any ideas of how to do ?  We might drop the 'feature' of having an image
for menu items having submenus if really there is no better way out.

>     The second(NSMenuView.m.patch) is just removes extra 17 pixels
>     between menu item text and key equivalent (or right arrow). Now
>     menu looks almost(2 pixels still left :)) like NeXT/OpenStep's menu
>     and it saves more screen space remaining handy and usable.

Thanks - applied - this change is very nice - menus look better :-)

> PS: I've got reply from gnu.org and waiting for copyright assignment by
> mail. It takes 10-14 days I guess.


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