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Re: Scrub last - better patch....

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Scrub last - better patch....
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 11:46:49 +0100

> Thanks ... looked OK and seemed to work (not break my existing code)
> so I applied it, though I don't have any testcases for what it's 
> supposed to do.

I've got some that I use for internal testing - but the most obvious is that
you should now be able to read any valid UTF-8 sequence into a string and write
it out again and get the same bytes. This was not ture before. It may also
help the large cut-and-paste problem, though I need to update on my work
machine to test that.

BTW- I dont understand some of the GNUstep architecture that well. There
are several implementations of rangeOfComposedCharaterSequenecAtIndex
- how do I know which is used when ? I note that one of them appears not
to use the isnonsp stuff, and thus I neeed to alter it and find a way to
test it. A brief explanation would be much appreciated !

thanks for applying the patch BTW,


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