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Re: Scrub last - better patch....

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Scrub last - better patch....
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 12:43:44 +0100

On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 12:34 PM, Pete French wrote:

The one in NSString.m is used whenever anyone implements their own
subclass of NSString.

O.K., so I can test that by making an empty subclass of NSString then ?

Unfortunately not quite that simple ... NSString is the semi-abstract interface of a class cluster ... it doesn't actually have any ivars to store data in ... so to subclass it, you need to add some ivars and implement a few primitive methods (-length and -characterAtIndex: and -initWithCharacters:length:freeWhenDone:) All the other methods should already be implemented in NSString.m in terms of those primitives.

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