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Issues with last Friday's CVS

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: Issues with last Friday's CVS
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 10:54:09 -0700


        * Can't process faq.texi due to reference to @pxref()
        * userfaq.texi gives a warning: unreferenced node 'No Makefile'

This is kinda annoying if you try to install everything, documentation
included, in 'one go' as the first (@pxref) will stop the process.
It might also be an idea to check whether teTeX (or whatever is actually
required to create the documentation) is installed, and if not, skip it.

        * 'when' is still defined as 'long', not 'time_t'
        * It's still jailing the process in /tmp THEN tries to get the
          uid and gid -- which OF COURSE will fail, because there is no
          /etc/passwd to access. You'll end up with a ridiculously high
          user id (sth. like 4mio)

I've sent a patch for those two weeks ago, so I'm curious about this

        * Uses <Protocol> again, instead of &lt;Protocol&gt; rendering
          then invisible.

Again, I've sent a patch for that one, that was applied (and working ;-)
so I wonder why autogsdoc reverted back to the 'broken' behaviour.

It might also be a good idea for autogsdoc to print the file name when
an error occurs. A message like "foobar not allowed here" isn't that
specific and you end up wasting time searching for it.

        * fails to link (at least on FreeBSD) because -L/usr/local/lib
          is NOT added to ADDITIONAL_LIB_DIRS in config.make.

I've also noticed a (reproducable) misbehaviour while running Terminal
(and quite possibly others).

To reproduce, start Terminal, then click on 'Windows -> Miniaturize all'

As you will see, ALL windows are iconified, including the menu and

Apparently Window Maker is clever enough to only iconify the open
submenu (Windows) but others, like FVWM, will iconify ALL submenus, even
those that aren't mapped, like Edit or Info...

Now, if you (double)click on an icon with a "Window" title (NOT the
shell window), the menu will pop open again, click on 'Windows ->
Miniaturize all' AGAIN, and see what happens...

Yep, the app icon is gray and there's a little box (whatever that is)
Needless to say, that managers like FVWM will again iconify ALL
windows, so you will end up with about 10 or 12 icons more...


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