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Re: focus problems [PATCH]

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: focus problems [PATCH]
Date: 20 Oct 2003 21:47:31 -0600

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 08:49, Benhur Stein wrote:
> >> number];
> >>                         [self setinputfocus: number];
> >> +                       generic.focusRequestNumber = 0;
> >> +                       generic.desiredFocusWindow = 0;
> > 
> > Why does this cause a problem for you? You can read the comment 
> > above
> > this in the source about some of the problems this solves, although
> > there are others it solves as well.
> The problem is the focus going to the wrong window sometimes. For 
> example:
> open 2 windows of one application (say Terminal) and one window of 
> another

Can you see if the attached patch fixes this problem?

> >         }
> >        else if ([self mainWindow] != nil)
> >         {
> > -         [[self mainWindow] orderFront: self];
> > +         [[self mainWindow] makeKeyAndOrderFront: self];
> >         }
> > 
> > Why this? We don't really want to make the main window key unless 
> > it is
> > supposed to be?
> Yes, but if the application had a key window, it would have been 
> selected in the
> previous 'if'. If it doesn't have a key window and one is not set, 
> the application

OK, sounds reasonable

> To see the problem: In Terminal, do openapp Affiche (for example)
> When Affiche's menu appears, Terminal's remain onscreen. Type 
> Command-n
> and you get a new terminal window instead of a new Affiche note.

I can't recreate this.  Although for some reason, when I do Command-n, a
new note comes up, but I cannot type into it without clicking on the

> The other focus problem I have is with this newly created Terminal 
> window,
> it has the input focus, bu if I start typing it shows strange chars, 
> like when
> i type with right-alt pressed. I must click on the window's title 
> before
> typing, and it is very annoying, it gets me most of the times.

I can't recreate this either.

Can you send me some more descriptions of how you get these problems
along with an output of running the program with



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