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gnustep-base 1.8.0 on darwin6.8 (gnu-gnu-gnu) (fwd)

From: Carl Eugen Hoyos
Subject: gnustep-base 1.8.0 on darwin6.8 (gnu-gnu-gnu) (fwd)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:04:03 +0200 (CEST)

(And now with Attachment)

I tested gnustep-make and gnustep-base 1.8.0 on an Apple G3 running OS X
10.2.8 (darwin6.8). To compile the base library for the GNU ObjC-Runtime,
I used gcc-3.3.2 and libffi-3.4-20031015. To run the testsuite, I
installed guile 1.6.4.
Since I installed dlcompat-20030629, Bundles work!

The following tests in the Testing subdirectory fail:

nsconnection_client fails immediately after start with a segmentation
fault. The output of the server is just: connection:didConnect:
(nsconnection_server works on darwin)

nsinvocation fails partly:
Calling proxy
Testing NS_MESSAGE ... ERROR ... expecting 6 and got 1322393
Testing NS_INVOCATION ... ERROR ... expecting 8 and got 1302793
(other invocations ok)

nsscan fails as on PowerPC/Linux:
scanDouble of
67890123456789012345678901234567890e-99' returned value
(6 LSB different).
Finished Tests

The output of nstask differs from i86/Linux:
2003-10-23 17:42:43.709 nstask[3990] Got PATH of '(null)'

All other tests seem to work.

To install gnstep-guile 1.1.2, I had to copy config.guess and config.sub
from the gcc sources for, and libtool (AFTER configure) from the
guile source directory (both for Greg). I changed libguile.so in greg and
greg.scm into libguile.dylib.
When compiling libgstep_guile, Makefile adds -lobjc as a needed library. I
had to repeat the linking process without this library (it finds the next
library instead of the gnu runtime).

To run the testsuite (1.7.0), I had to remove the last test of
NSConnection: It passes (!), but produces a segmentation fault shortly
The results of the remaining tests are attached.

Is it really possible to compile the base-library with combo

Carl Eugen

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