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Bug in NSOutlineView's -draggingUpdated ?

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Bug in NSOutlineView's -draggingUpdated ?
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 15:49:06 +0100

Hi list,
In it's method -draggingUpdated NSOutlineView calls it's delegate's method -outlineView:validateDrop:... (if the delegate impements this method, this means). According to the doc, this method is meant to validate an ongoing drag action _and_ return an appropriate NSDragOperation value. Unfortunately, -draggingUpdated never evaluates this return value, but always returns NSDragOperationCopy to the system, thus not allowing for appropriate visual feedback. I consider this a bug, which should be easy to fix (if I don't oversee something, this means ;-) The attached patch proposes a simple solution.

I am also not too sure about NSTableView. Here, the return value of tableView:validateDrop:... is saved in a variable, but this is also not used as a return value for -draggingUpdated. What is even worse here (at least it seems so to me), is the fact that the validateDrop method is called only in few cases (when the current drag operation is different from the previous one). As I am not sure how this code was actually meant to work, I don't have a proposal. Maybe it's sufficient to simply call this method unconditionally and use its return value as in NSOutlineView.



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