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new encoding

From: Rob Burns
Subject: new encoding
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 09:33:42 +0700

I update gnustep cvs today, and found that many of my nibs won't load anymore. Some still do. The difference appears to be the use of NSTableView. None of the nibs that contain NSTableView's can be loaded by the app, or by gorm. I get this error, when running an app:

2004-02-06 18:03:13.398 Pimzler[5810] Exception occured while loading model: expected object and got unsigned char
2004-02-06 18:03:13.398 Pimzler[5810] Failed to load Nib
2004-02-06 18:03:13.398 Pimzler[5810] EditorWindowController: could not load nib named Editor.nib

When trying to open the nib in Gorm, I get several internal consistency exceptions, and gorm will in the end crash. I have recompiled the apps, and Gorm against the newly installed gnustep libraries.


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