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Re: system colors (nstabview patch ?)

From: nicolas
Subject: Re: system colors (nstabview patch ?)
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 20:31:18 +0100
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Selon Fred Kiefer <address@hidden>:
> Sorry to frustrate you, but you choose the wrong classes to start the 
> GUI colour cleanup. I really would like to see this happen, but doing 
> just a few bits in a class doesn't really help much.
> NSTabView is a horrible beast, as far as drawing is concerned. With your 
> patch the main part, the pane area would be ok. but it would no longer 
> match the tabs themselves, which currently get drawn partly as images 
> and partly as PS code.

Er, wasn't there some patch for drawing the tab using only PS code ? why
is it not yet included ?

> For the GSTitleView you just did pick out the lines where he colour for 
> the menue title get set, but there are many more places in that file 
> where direct colours get used (and to be honest I did not fully 
> understand the logic of all of them).  Why did you choose 
> windowFrameColor as the replacement for black? It defaults to black, but 
> is this really the name with which you expect to change the colour of 
> the menu title? And you also did not change the text colour, that way 
> you may end up drawing white on white.

By the way... If we want themes, one of the thing that would be needed is
some colornames for helping with contrast problems (ie, you could draw some
text in light gray now on a window, it will be fine -- but if the theme change
the window's background color to the same light gray ... you got a problem). I
think the best idea then would be to use some specific colornames for text drawn
over background ?

Nicolas Roard

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