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GDIPlus addition

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: GDIPlus addition
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 18:19:12 +1000

Attached is a patch against gnustep-back to enable use GDIPlus, as well as a 
wrapper library. This is experimental, so no guarantees are made, no warranties 
are provided.

1. Download the GDIPLUS.DLL redistributable from Microsoft's web site (only if 
running Windows 2000):

2. Install the gdiplus-wrappers as attached.

3. Download gnustep-back cvs (or update to latest version as of 4/8/2005), 
change to the core/back directory, and apply the patch with the following 

patch -p0 < gnustep-back-gdiplus.patch

4. Run autoconf to update configure script OR after running ./configure, change 
the following line in config.make:

GRAPHIC_LIBS=-lgdi32 -lmsimg32


GRAPHIC_LIBS=-lgdi32 -lgdipluswrappers -lmsimg32

5. Compile and install.

No warranties or guarantees are made as to the quality of this patch and 
wrapper library (as attached). The patch is licensed under the LGPL. The 
wrapper library is also licensed under the LGPL.

I can be contacted at the following address if anyone runs into problems.

Christopher Armstrong

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