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Re: [patch #4598] filesystemRepresentation on Win32 is DANGEROUS as impl

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: Re: [patch #4598] filesystemRepresentation on Win32 is DANGEROUS as implemented
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 10:15:59 +0800
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Jeremy Bettis wrote:
Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4598 (project gnustep):

Ok, so how about replacing every occurance of unicodeFileSystemRepresentation
with (unichar*)[path cStringUsingEncoding: NSUnicodeStringEncoding]
which is what unicodeFileSystemRepresentation actually does internally.

Although fine for the moment, I don't think it's the best solution ultimately. We can clean up the code so unicode on Win32 is the norm and used everywhere.

I'd much rather see a transition to using Win32 API calls for this handling rather than routing it through the *nix/C compatibility layer. We're a little bit of the way there but there is plenty still to do.

I would be fine with that approach also.  My non-negotiable is that
filesystemRep returns char*.

Absolutely. The idea has always been:
    ret = nix_system_call( [pathString fileSystemRepresentation] );

and breakage of this shouldn't be accepted.

I think the goal, though, should be:

- for application code to rely entirely on NSString to hold the path and other NS API calls to operate on those files. Avoid the need to call down

- for core code to better encapsulate Win32 and use less *nix approaches. We gain in both performance and behaviour.


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