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[bug #14987] Applications cannot modify icon.

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: [bug #14987] Applications cannot modify icon.
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:28:10 -0500
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #14987 (project gnustep):


My apologies if you took my posting to the list personally, it really wasn't
meant that way.  See below for why...

The focus issue
Actually, I haven't experienced the focus problem discussed by Andreas on the
list, at least not unless I switched workspaces and then clicked on the icon. 
 At which point the app would not come up because it was on a different
workspace.   From my experience, Gorm and other apps always come forward when
I click on the icon.  I actually just now tried to do this with the most
recent CVS using exactly the case Andreas described in his email and I can't
recreate it.

I admit that I jumped to the conclusion that the focus issue was related to
this bug because I haven't seen it before, so I thought it might be a recent
issue.  My mistake.

Bug severity discussion
In my experience as an engineer bug severity is judged based on impact to
users, not on a scale relative to other bugs in the same system.  

In my opinion, since this bug impacts applications which use this
functionality as thier primary means to display information, it is not a
minor bug since those apps are rendered unusable by it.  It is, at the very
least "Normal" in priority.

Testing with other window managers
I've been quite busy this week attending to urgent and personal family
matters (there was recently a death in my immediate family), so I didn't get
to test this until tonight.  My results confirm yours and Chris' it does
appear to be WindowMaker specific, please see my response to Chris on the
bugs mailing list earlier today. 

As indicated, the problem appears to be WindowMaker specific.   Whether this
will require a patch to WindowMaker or additional code in GNUstep, I'm not
sure.  Please make whatever change you feel is right in this case.

If it is a WindowMaker problem, someone familiar with WindowMaker code should
probably take a look and submit a patch.

Please write me at address@hidden for further discussion.

Later, GJC


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