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local links provoking loops on www.gnu.org mirrors

From: Alex Muntada
Subject: local links provoking loops on www.gnu.org mirrors
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 10:34:14 +0100
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the GNU webmasters are tracing loops provoked on www.gnu.org
mirrors by some local links (/home/brains99/...) from the
GNUstep documentation.

I'm attaching a file (brains99.sed) that can be used to fix
the loops and some of the links. Note that the fix uses
relative links and __FIXME__ fake directory is used when
the path is unavailable in CVS. Please, feel free to fix
them later but getting rid of the loops is urgent.

I can't perform the changes myself because I'm not one of
the GNUstep project members (maybe any of the GNU webmasters
has write access and will fix it, I don't know), so that's
why I'm asking to you (or any other member of your team) to
follow these steps (or equivalent):

  $ cvs -d username@cvs.sv.gnu.org:/web/gnustep co 
  $ cd gnustep/resources/documentation/Developer/Base/Reference
  $ sed -i -f /path/to/brains99.sed `grep -rl /home/brains99 .`
  $ cvs ci -m 'Fixed brains99 loops.'

Please, keep me posted.

Thanks a lot!

Alex Muntada <alexm@gnu.org>
GNU Web Translation Manager

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