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Cygwin bug

From: Robert Fuller
Subject: Cygwin bug
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:20:51 -0400
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First, allow me to stipulate my extremely high level of ignorance, and grovel in whatever ways you may deem appropriate.

Ias trying to install gnustep-startup-0.15.0, and when I got to the GNUstep Gui package, I received this error: <file:///C:/cygwin/home/Administrator/GNUstep/gnustep-startup-0.15.0/>

"Installation of GNUstep Gui failed. Sedn the logs.tar.gz file to bug-gnustep@gnu.org for help" <file:///C:/cygwin/home/Administrator/GNUstep/gnustep-startup-0.15.0/>

I've attached it here, and thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.

Thanks again,

Robert Fuller

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