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[bug #22261] Window turns black during resizing on Win32/MINGW when GSBa

From: Chris Armstrong
Subject: [bug #22261] Window turns black during resizing on Win32/MINGW when GSBackHandlesWindowDecorations==TRUE
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:31:31 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22261 (project gnustep):

Well if its not the correct solution, I'd be willing to clean it up. Could
you provide me with more information about the current problems with resizing
and redrawing that exist e.g.
 - open bugs on Windows and X11
 - methods and functions in the gui frontend (such as NSWindow and
NSApplication classes).

You also mentioned cleaning up the Windows backend. What do you think a
"clean" windows backend will look like? Do you just mean removing the stub
code, fixing typos and documentation, etc.? A list of things to do would be
helpful. I will file any further changes to the backend as bugs.

However, if the patch is acceptable as it is, could you please apply it so
that others can benefit from it? Once applied, redrawing during resizing works
just like any other Windows application. All I have really done is implement
the WM_PAINT event handler just as per the Windows documentation. Whilst
Windows provides a rich interface for painting and sizing, moving and
activating/deactivating windows, we should try and behave as much like a
Windows application as possible. For example, the backend behaves subtly
differently when we turn on native Windows window borders and taskbar usage. 


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