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Bug on ProjectCenter on Windows

From: Carlos Adriano Portes
Subject: Bug on ProjectCenter on Windows
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:59:07 -0200

Using the latest GNUstep(gnustep-system-0.9.1 and gnustep-core-0.9.2) and ProjectCenter(ProjectCenter-0.4.3) on Windows I get some error messages and the system freezes, lets see how to reproduce the errors:
1-Install gnustep-system.
2-Install gnustep-core.
3-Install ProjectCenter using "./configure ; make ; make install" (Everything works fine here with no error message).
4-Open ProjectCenter from Shell (terminal emulator) with "openapp ProjectCenter"
5-Create a new project using "Project->New->Application" and name it as "Test01".
6-Try compiling the application through ProjectCenter and you will get a error message "Problem Launching Build Tool" and "NSTask - Launch path (/usr/bin/make) not valid!".
7-Ok I know it is a simple problem it is just the case to ajust build path on preferences but it should not crash the entire application. After ajusting the path to "C:\GNUstep\bin\make.exe" it works but another error message is thrown when I try to execute the application "Critical error in ProjectCenter" and "NSInvalidArgumentException: NSTask - Launch path (openapp) not valid!".
As you can see it is all about path configuration of the tools, but it is very hard to work with tools that does not work, I am posting this bug in order to help improving GNUstep.
Thank you in advance.

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