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[bug #27088] Menu Appearance under NSWindows95InterfaceStyle

From: Chris Armstrong
Subject: [bug #27088] Menu Appearance under NSWindows95InterfaceStyle
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 00:55:09 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #27088 (project gnustep):

I've been monitoring the latest changes to implement proper in-window menus,
where each window has its own menu. I've attached a patch that changes the
policy for where the main menu view is inserted. Instead of removing and
inserting the main menu view from the key window as it changes, we create a
new menu view for each window that responds YES to -[NSWindow canShowMenuBar].

This patch needs review, as:
* it changes the policy for how sub-menus are displayed transiently.
* it introduces a new public method to NSWindow for determining when a menu
view is created for a window
* the default policy for determining if a menu view is displayed in a window
is not sophisticated enough. It currently assumes that any window that can
become the main window is suitable: for example, the Info Panel will display
the menu bar.
* haven't tested code path in setMain:
* NSException raise at end of findMenuView should probably be an NSAssert

(file #19488)

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