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Re: Error occurred while installing GNUstep with 'gnustep-startup-0.25.0

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: Error occurred while installing GNUstep with 'gnustep-startup-0.25.0'
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 22:15:28 -0700

On Mar 3, 2011, at 3:15 AM, Jiwoong Kim wrote:
I did not make sure that how I could check one by one according to the issues, but at the end of the message, I thought I might be able to get some help to solve this problem by sending the compressed log file.
For some comment, I failed this job through './InstallGNUstep', as well as the four separate packages including GNU make and so on.
So I downloaded and installed 'GNU make'(make-3.82.tar.gz) and 'gdb'(gdb-7.2.tar.gz) according to the page.

Could you please provide me some advice?

You did not send the compressed log file.  Can you send that?  It certainly looks like you don't have the complete gcc compiler installed though. I can't give any advice unless I know what system you are on, at least.

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