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[bug #36586] Submenu displayed in a wrong position with menu in-window

From: Germán Arias
Subject: [bug #36586] Submenu displayed in a wrong position with menu in-window
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 01:49:29 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #36586 (project gnustep):

Well, to investigate more this problem, I installed an standalone gnustep
system. Ink show the same problem in this system (the problem is random). So I
test with fisicalab (current svn). FisicaLab works perfectly with my gnustep
installation. But with the standalone installation, the menu show the same
problem that Ink (see image standalone1.jpg). Here the problem is present
always. If I resize the window, the menu works as expected. If I launch
fisicalab again (fisicalab save the window frame), the result is the image
standalone2.jpg. With the same problem in menu.

In fisicalab, the saved window frame, is set up in
-applicationWillFinishLaunching: with something like:

 [window setFrameUsingName: @"Pizarra"];

Moving this line to -applicationDidFinishLaunching: the problem is solved, at
least when there is a saved frame. This is with the standalone installation.
So, the same application that works perfectly with my gnustep installation,
don't work with the standalone system. Now if I use FisicaLab with the change
described above, and with my normal gnustep installation, the result is the
system1.jpg image. This is weird, I only move one line from 
-applicationWillFinishLaunching: to -applicationDidFinishLaunching:. If I
close the app and then launch again, the window is placed at its default
location (no window frame saved). So, could be the problem that at some point
the app code call some method to redraw the window while _autoresizes_subviews
is set to NO (in GSWindowDecorationView.m)? And maybe this cause a conflict?

(file #26081, file #26082, file #26083)

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