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[bug #34490] -[NSWorkspace open*] native system integration

From: julian
Subject: [bug #34490] -[NSWorkspace open*] native system integration
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 21:10:12 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #23, bug #34490 (project gnustep):

i did incorporate a lot of feedback, thats why the patch is at revision 5.

i did not specifically address something in fred's last post as it didn't make
sense to me at all.

the patch as-is only changes behavior as a last fallback anyway, only if the
call to openFile/openURL would fail otherwise, so i can't understand any
resistance to just merging it. sure some details could be improved but even in
the worst form this patch was infinitely better than mainline, where
openFile/openURL only work in a hypothetical gnustep desktop environment and
otherwise just fail.

moving the code to _openURLWithFallback and calling that openFile/openURL
wouldn't change the behavior one bit and i can't see why anything would be
gained by using a wrapper. even if something can be gained by using wrappers
or changing the implementation the patch should have been merged 6 months ago
to get the functionality and improve on the implementation when someone has
time. now we have just nothing in mainline, which is the worst case scenario.

>Maybe we should keep the MINGW part commented out,
>as nobody has tested that up to now. 

and none will unless you merge it.


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