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Re: [bug #37130] NSArray does not implement sorting and insertion assumi

From: Thomas Davie
Subject: Re: [bug #37130] NSArray does not implement sorting and insertion assuming sorted
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 09:49:49 +0100

On 18 Aug 2012, at 08:15, Niels Grewe <address@hidden> wrote:

> Update of bug #37130 (project gnustep):
>              Item Group:                     Bug => Change Request         
>             Assigned to:                    None => thebeing               
>    _______________________________________________________
> Follow-up Comment #1:
> Nice! 
> Thanks alot for the patch, especially since it removes one item from my todo
> list :-). I have one remark, though: If you want to call blocks in
> gnustep-base, you need to use the CALL_BLOCK macro, which ensures that we can
> compile gnustep-base with GCC and still use blocks properly.
> Since this is clearly a substantial patch: Have you signed a copyright
> assignment with the FSF? -- We'd require that before incorporating the patch.

I have not, and will not, but you can hear-by consider the patch to be BSD 3 
clause licensed to you (and anyone else).  If you need to have the code in a 
way that's assigned to the FSF, feel free to use it as a basis for your own 
patch that you do assign.


Tom Davie

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