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Re: ProjectCenter Library project doesn't install headers

From: A. Arias
Subject: Re: ProjectCenter Library project doesn't install headers
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2012 00:07:17 -0600

El lun, 01-10-2012 a las 11:42 +0900, Lundberg, Johannes escribió:
> Hi
> I have the latest version of GNUstep and ProjectCenter running on
> FreeBSD 9.0 32-bit.
> I have created a library using ProjectCenter and all works fine and it
> install in 
> /usr/local/GNUstep/Local/
> Library/Libraries as it should when I run "# gmake install".
> However, the header files are not installed.
> The GNUMakefile generated by ProjectCenter contains the
> xxx_HEADER_FILES_INSTALL_DIR but no directory is created..
> xxx_HEADER_FILES contains my two header files I want to have
> installed.
> Thanks!

Maybe a bug on ProjectCenter. I don't have experience with libraries,
but for the moment check this GNUmakefile:


Hope this help.

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