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GWorkspace stops responding when moving a file

From: drtan
Subject: GWorkspace stops responding when moving a file
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 07:56:50 -0500 (EST)
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I believe I found a bug. I searched your bug database, but I haven't found
anything like this. Forgive me if I was wrong.

- GNUstep Startup: 0.28.0
- GWorkspace: 0.9.1
- GCC: 4.7.2
- Window Maker: 0.95.3
- Software distribution: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre
- Processor architecture: x68_64

- installed Window Maker, compilation tools (base-devel and gcc-objc),
audiofile from the package management system
- run installation script for GNUstep Startup (warning libobjc needed to
be replaced by this bundled with GNUstep Startup)
- compiled from sources and installed GWorkspace

Steps to reproduce:
- download a tar.gz file (for example using a web browser I downloaded
batmon-0.6.tar.gz to /home/bhassdi/Pobrane/ directory)
- launch GWorkspace (I issued: 'GWorkspace' in xterm in Window Maker; for
some reason WindowMaker couldn't launch it from 'Run...' dialog box)
- find a file in GWorkspace File Browser
- select it so that it appears alone in the last section of the browser
- select 'Cut' option from the GWorkspace menu
- navigate to the different directory (for me it was
- select 'Paste' option from the GWorkspace menu
- confirm the operation in the dialog box

What happened:
- file appears to be moved
- the 'Move' progress dialog freezes showing complete progress bar
- two errors appear in xterm like:

ddbd[1253] Problem posting notification: <NSException: 0x7f65dc003c18>
NAME: NSRangeException REASON: Index -1 is out of range 1 (in
'objectAtIndex:') INFO: {Array = ("<NSRunLoop:0x2065968"); Count = 1;
Index = 4294967295;}

The second message has different memory address of NSRunLoop.

- the whole GWorkspace freezes
- being run again GWorkspace freezes (I had to delete my GNUstep directory
in the home directory and reboot to make it work again)

What should happen:
- the moving operation shouldn't result in freezing the whole GWorkspace

It is my first bug report and I hope it would be useful. If you need any
more information please let me know.


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