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GWorkspace Bug

From: address@hidden
Subject: GWorkspace Bug
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2014 20:17:11 +0200


i found a bug in GWorkspace's searchtool. 

It was because of my wine installation that i found it.

When using GWorkspace's searchtool in my home directory the search never 
reached an end.

GWorkspace output was

searchtool[7257] Failed to recurse into directory ...

What causes the problem is that wine creates some symlinks named z: , c: , e::

and so forth under the directory .wine/dosdevices

to reproduce the bug:

(I'm using GWorkspace 0.8.8 and ubuntu 14.04

create a directory.

If in that directory there are at least two files (normal file, folder or 

with exactly ONE letter and a following colon.  e.g. "m:" and "r:" 

searchtool never reaches an end, when recursing in that directory.




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