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[bug-gnutrition] Developer for GNUtrition

From: Morris Srinivasan
Subject: [bug-gnutrition] Developer for GNUtrition
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2011 00:03:21 -0600


I'm interested in doing some volunteer software development work.  I
have a bachelor's in computer engineering and a few years of
experience.  I've also got an associate's in clinical (medical)
laboratory technology.  I currently work as a caregiver for seniors.
Recently, I have not been doing much computer work (actually I haven't
done any paid computer work for the past 7+ years), but because I'm
just seeking an unpaid volunteer opportunity, you should tolerate my
lack of recent experience.  My brain still works very well; I solve
math and logic puzzles in my spare time, on a daily basis.  I'll work
hard to learn what I need to learn for the project.  You'll get good
results for free, in exchange for believing in me.  Please reply; I
can send a resume if required - but my resume probably won't impress
you much.  I can't give you a rock solid reason to believe in me, as I
haven't done computer work in years.  Blind faith is the cost of
"free" volunteer labor.  Don't examine and criticize me; just give me
the opportunity.

Morris Srinivasan, BSc in Computer Engineering (1998), MLT(ASCP), CNA, CFR

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