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Re: [bug-gnutrition] First run of 0.4, revno11

From: ilionov
Subject: Re: [bug-gnutrition] First run of 0.4, revno11
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 20:40:14 +0300
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I've investigated a little bit about the problems I described in my previous letter.

1. "Failed to create file"
This error message was fixed by manually creating $HOME/.gnutrition/ .

2. "SQL error: near "where": syntax error"
I think that in the function search_contains_proc the following line breaks the content of query:

sprintf(query, "%s where Food_Des like \"%s%s%s\"", query, "%", search_string, "%");

Before this line is executed, the query variable has this value:

    (gdb) print query
    $1 = "select Food_Des from food\000

And after it's executed the value is :

    (gdb) print query
    $2 = " where Food_Des like \"%f%\"\000

I don't know if you've already fixed them. I also didn't know if revno 11 was supposed to be tested or not. Is it ok to periodically check for new revisions and test them without prior notice (i don't know if there's some automatic way to know if new code has been submitted)?

Btw, I've read this short guide about bug reports (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html) and I'll try to write better reports
next time :) .

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