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[bug-gnutrition] Commit Notifications

From: Jason Self
Subject: [bug-gnutrition] Commit Notifications
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 15:09:42 -0400

address@hidden wrote:
> i don't know if there's some automatic way to
> know if new code has been submitted

The mailing list [1] exists now and I've filed a support request [2] with 
the Savannah administrators to start using it for commit emails. Hopefully 
they set that up soon but please feel free to subscribe now. You'll start 
getting commit emails as soon as the Savannah people get to it.

[1] https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/gnutrition-commits
[2] https://savannah.gnu.org/support/?107805

Jason Self
Project Maintainer
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