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Re: [bug-gnutrition] Plans for gnutrition

From: Jason Self
Subject: Re: [bug-gnutrition] Plans for gnutrition
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 20:42:12 -0500

Adam 'foo-script' Rakowski wrote:
>  I'd like to get involved.

Great! Welcome!

> I remember that you have some plans to
> rewrite it into C(++). Are you still interested in development of
> implementation in Python ?

Yes, and yes. It would likely be a while before any C reimplementation 
was ready.

> Beside this, I'd like to add a feature of running Gnutrition 3.2 and 3.1
> on single machine. At this moment each version has own config file
> format. Wouldn't it be good to store config in ~/.gnutrition/VERSION ?

Probably. If you could send a patch I would happily apply it.

Jason Self
Project Maintainer
GPG Key: 47486962

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