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Re: gnuzilla, iceweasel, thundersomewhat

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: gnuzilla, iceweasel, thundersomewhat
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 16:39:36 -0500

    How about snoweagle :)

Sounds good :).

    In fact mozilla organizes all those applications in a single CVS
    tree (including seamonkey). 

Yeah.  So we should probably do that too.  It means our CVS will be
huge too, but I don't exactly see a viable alternative.

    So maybe we should follow them and just mirror their CVS,

I worry about spending too much time tracking their every change, with
the inevitable bugs, etc., all of which get ironed out eventually but
could impact our development in the meantime.  That's more or less why
we chose to import their releases (hard enough to keep up with), instead
of tracking their development CVS.

    Please post the list of files you already figured out, 
Will send separately.

    IMO, it might be a good idea to sync the CVS repository and somehow
    (how?) maintain patches we have in order to make this really-free.

My only thought was to try to maintain a script/Makefile/whatever which
starts from their released source tarball (or the CVS branch/tag,
whatever) and performs the changes to update a checked-out gnuzilla cvs.
Perhaps do a diff from the new release to the prev release and then try
to patch our cvs with the result.

Anyway, for starters, we could maintain the removal list via (say) a
shell script at the top level.

Of course when they actually change interfaces things will break, but
there's no avoiding that.

Giuseppe can better answer the other questions ...


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