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Re: mozilla files to delete

From: incognu
Subject: Re: mozilla files to delete
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 03:31:07 -0600
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Quoting Karl Berry <address@hidden>:

Hi Karl,

   As a preliminary experiment, I've removed suspect files

That's great, thanks!

Very welcome!

I'm also attaching the list of "branding files" you sent me separately.
(Thanks much for that also.)  Do you (or Debian?) have alternative
versions for all of these already (hopefully :)?

Yes, though I'm sure many, especially the image files, will need to be updated
when the real artwork is selected.  I've put together a little package,
including both an Iceape-branded partial source to be copied over the SeaMonkey
source, and the scripts I used to generate it.


The images are some I've used in my own builds, with the url and name changed on
the splash.

Hope this helps,


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