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Re: bug-gnuzilla Digest, Vol 4, Issue 10

From: arnuld
Subject: Re: bug-gnuzilla Digest, Vol 4, Issue 10
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 00:44:27 +0530

I started to migrate our project to Firefox 2.0.  All the previous files are
now in a different branch (v1_5), MAIN contains only new files.

great to hear this news :-)

Security features like as zero-size images and host name rewrite protections
are not present, I will work on these as soon as possible.  The free plugin
finder feature and rebranding of files are completed.

So Iceweasel willl be using "Gnash" plugin as built-in?  (just like
Firefox has SVG built-in plugin)

BTW, what about SVG plugin?

asking as i am quite weak on understanding the *technically*
hidden-things in licenses, so i dont know anyhting about Flash/SVG
licenses, even though i tried to read them.

Probably debian hackers will find these files interesting, differently from
the iceweasel version present on debian now, I changed many other things too,
with the debian version the About Dialog shows the Firefox logo, shouldn't be
better to show the GNU Iceweasel logo instead?

yeah, that will be great & i think must be done. Alexander suggested
some images & they are quite *different* in *look* as comapred to
Firefox, a good thing which i prefer. you can have a look at this too:



-- arnuld

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